Saturday, April 30, 2011

Carmelized Onion Dip

I've always loved the folded over chips & tossed the ones "green-edged". How 'bout you?
OK, so I grew up on onion dip made of: Tub of Sour Cream + 1 Packet of dry powdered onion soup (with or w/o the dried onions depending upon how lazy the host was). Tasty as it was, it's packed with sodium & things I cannot pronounce not to mention the fat. I haven't had chips in a few years but have a hankering for some tonight (there's an open bag of leftover Lay's from Gabriel's 2nd Birthday & I thought hmmm... so yummy with dip... I found this: Caramelized Onion Dip. Delish! So step away from the dry packets & enjoy your splurge & Saturday night! :) Lish

*Lishie tip- I like thinner dip so I pureed the onions.

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