Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Chocolate, chewy, oowie goodness!
So it's happened. I've turned into her... Felicity Pickles. A character in one of my favorite series- Ellen Byerrum's Crime of Fashion mystery books (see link below)- is named Felicity, the Food Writer, who is always baking & bringing in goodies to her co-workers at the newspaper. Sounds nice, huh? Not when the lead, Lacey Smithsonian, Fashion Writer, doesn't want to consume a bajillion calories. Laugh if you will (I do, while reading the books) but I am just.like.her now...

So make way for brownies... not just any brownies. Classic, rich, gooey, chocolate Ghirardelli ~home-baked~ Brownies.
When brownies were requested at work, I thought, OK, but I love the classic & clean bar cookie. YUM. So maybe I am not Felicity, since my coworkers are asking me to bring them the sweets?

I follow the Ghirardelli Recipe almost exactly except I use Milk Chocolate Ghirardelli chips, not semi-sweet & I use a 9x9" pan... the difference is, the bars come out a little, teensy bit thinner. And just so ya know- I use DARK BROWN SUGAR. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate...

*Lishie tips- Remember to use ONE of those flour tablespoons to coat the chips with before folding them into the batter! Also, how old is your baking powder? Mix one teaspoon powder with 1/3 cup of hot water. If the mixture doesn't foam, the powder is stale and should be replaced. Stale BP= your baked good won't rise.

This is the first book of the series- fashion, mystery... fun, smart & a really GOOD read:
Killer Hair by Ellen Byerrum
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Killer Hair (Crime of Fashion, #1)

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  1. Whoa, do those brownies look delicious! And you know, Elisha, sometimes I turn into Felicity Pickles! After all, I sometimes have to do my own cooking and baking research. But maybe I'll be looking to you for some inspiration.

    Ellen B.

  2. Thank you, Ellen! Hmmm we should be fine if we combine Lacey's Flair with Felicity's baking. I am always looking for to your next Crime of Fashion read. I devoured the latest one, "Shot Through Velvet"too fast!