Monday, May 30, 2011

Recipe Swap! Dessert - Fresh Peach Cake

I have to say I was a little worried about this swap. I love to bake so that was not the reason... Why? I was worried I'd get a "short-cut" recipe with a boxed cake mix as an ingredient. As silly as that sounds, I absolutely do not "do" box mixes for cakes, pancakes, anything. I even make my own Bisquick substitute. So I was delighted when I got Melissa's (I Was Born to Cook) Fresh Mango & Pecan Cake. I was quite happy. Except for one thing- my in-law's are not fans of mango & this dessert was meant to be brought to their Memorial Day BBQ. And what Gabriel's Grandparents want, I bake because they deserve it. Then  I realized that the recipe it was originally based on was a fresh Peach Cake! Bingo (as Grandma Lucille sings to Gabriel)! I adore Ina, so I stuck close to her recipe:
Barefoot Contessa Fresh Peach Cake
with the slight baking time adjustment of 35 minutes in my daisy pan... & adding a "dash of Confectioner's Sugar" at the end, right before serving :)

It was delicious! Like a coffee cake with some spunk. Can I tell you this made me long for a trip to Georgia? Between the fresh peaches & the pecans (my Sister-in-Law's grandparents have a farm in Georgia with excess of pecans (can you imagine that?!) And I remember the freezer full of the nuts they "pushed" politely on us :) Who was I to say no, thank you?! Ironic that a cake that started off with mangoes, reminiscent of my home state of Florida, would bring me great memories of another Southern State. And this is why I love food.

So again, I tried something new & love this recipe swap. Thanks, Melissa & ... Thank y'all for reading!

PS- Do you not LOVE my Daisy Pan?!? It is my most favorite baking pan since daisies are my favorite flower! The beginning of summer indeed! Happy Memorial Day everyone!

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