Saturday, May 14, 2011

Egg Cream

An egg cream contains no eggs & no cream :) It's a soda fountain, ice cream store drink that brings back childhood memories of visiting Brooklyn in the summers... Sitting on a stool, at the local Soda Fountain store on Flatlands Avenue sipping a frothy egg cream. The delectable drink is originally from Brooklyn & classically made with Fox's U-Bet Chocolate syrup BUT I am asking to be pardoned... I used Bosco's tonight. It's all we have & when my friend Megan E. mentioned drinking one, I tonight. YUM. 

Lishie's Egg Cream 

  • 3 TBSp Chocolate Syrup
  • 1/2 cup ice cold Milk
  • 1 cup plain Seltzer water

Squirt the syrup into the cup (I always eye the amount!) Add the milk & stir to completely mix, as if making chocolate milk. Wait till you have done this & only then open the seltzer & while stirring vigorously with one hand, add the seltzer in with the other. This will give you a beautiful, frothy drink!
I hope this gives you the feeling of old-fashioned days, soda jerks, & ice cream counters. ENJOY! 
Frothy goodness!

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