Sunday, March 6, 2011

Recipe Swap- Roasted Cauliflower... & umm, Broccoli (Side Dish)

And yet another great recipe swap from our little Nestie group- this time it's Sides! And mine happened to come from my feisty friend Christina's Blog: Tales From the Mad Men Kitchen (who got the initial recipe from Rouxbe). I have to admit, the dressing is pretty much the same as I always use on my cauliflower (& broccoli) after steaming them. The BIG difference, what took it out of the box for me? ROASTING the veg. Funny how something so simple, a little change in technique, can alter a recipe & fire up one's taste buds! My Mother-in-Law was making salmon tonight & she knows how much I love hers so she makes it for me as well... I thought, yumm, salmon & roasted vegetables would be perfect together!

I only changed two things... I added fresh broccoli to the mix (1/2 head of cauliflower + 1/2 head of broccoli) & I used the zest of an entire lemon. And unlike Feisty, I did grate some parmesan on at the end... why not? :) Thanks, Feisty so much for changing my steaming-full ways! Roasting is just as healthy & great on a rainy day in New Jersey like today!

Roasted yummy goodness

BTW- I supplied my Strip House Potatoes Romanoff. YUM


  1. YAY! So glad you liked it!

  2. Yummyummmyummmy Hope you don't mind I broccofied it!