Thursday, March 31, 2011

April Fool's! Rainbow Cake for Perrie's Birthday

When my sister was visiting last month, she spied my March issue of Parenting Magazine on the coffee table & started leafing through it. She honed in on the Somewhere Over the Rainbow Cupcakes design  & said, "I want you to make this for me for my birthday!" But I wanted to make it even better. I wanted it flavorful. No box mix for her, well, no box mix ever comes out of my kitchen. So I decided to make a "Rainbow" Velvet Cake for Perrie- That meant cocoa cake with cream cheese frosting. YUM.  I will create another post with that recipe (promise)- But for tonight- I created a tester cake out of my win-win Yellow Cake recipe (PS- I used skim milk to make the batter more "pourable" & manageable), with vanilla, whipped cream clouds & RAINBOW SPRINKLES!!! Yum.
Colorful Goodness!!!

And? I wanted her to have an actual rainbow on her birthday via a Rainbow Bundt Cake... Cut into the cake- & SURPRISE! April Fool baby that she is, I thought this was a perfect idea.  The slices would each look like rainbows. Add the fluffy, white frosting... Cloud 9!
Rainbow of vanilla flavor ;)
Red, Yellow, Green, Blue & Purple!
AND you can see why I tested- now I know how to place the colors for the real cake :)
 The perfect cake for Perrie to celebrate:
"""THE 10th ANNIVERSARY OF [her] 24th BIRTHDAY!""" 
Yep, that is the theme to her Foolish party ;) Love, love, love it. 
Cake, after un-bundt-panned

Here we are as kids- me, 8?, She, 4?

Happy birthday to the best sister ever.

Almost, the End. Almost...

It wouldn't be April Fool's without a Rubber Chicken!

*Lishie tip- if you have batter bowls like these, they are the best to use for the color mixing & pouring!
The End.