Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lemon Bundt Cake for Gary!

So I asked my co-worker what his favorite baked good was & finally got an answer- Lemon cake/cupcakes! Phew, good thing since his BIRTHDAY is today ;) Happy birthday, Gary... hope you enjoy the Lemon Bundt Cake I made for you!

I used the most beautiful lemons & the ONLY thing I tweaked? I added the zest of a full lemon to the batter. It will be lemony! And I simply dusted the cake with confectioner's sugar rather than glazing.

*Lishie Tips- One of the most important things to remember about bundt cakes is to make sure you SIFT the flour/dry ingredients! You want everything LIGHT... Also, make sure the pan is well greased & floured- if you can not get the cake out easily, ONLY use a silicone spatula to gently nudge the cake out (if not, you will danger your bundt pan!) Pour the batter into the bundt pan slowly to prevent air bubbles & fill it only 3/4 of the way for rising room. Another? COOL it properly! Sugar, glaze it or leave it "as is"...
Then- ENJOY!

*Lishie Facts- The Bundt Pan was created in 1950. The bundt pan is a variation of ceramic cake forms that were used in Germany to make the ring-shaped cakes called Bundkuchen.
Carousel Bundt Cake 

Carousel Horse

Sugary, lemony goodness!

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