Sunday, March 13, 2011

Baked Churros

So my friend Stacey invited us over for dinner with the mouth watering menu of sizzling fajitas! YUM. I always immediately want to make & bring dessert so my mind started cranking (wait, yes, now YOU are realizing what you heard wasn't really thunder?! Just Lishie-brain activity? I know, it's rare.)

Cinnamony-sugary, non-fried goodness

After compiling a little list of Spanish desserts, I decided on churros. Cinnamon & sugar make me exceedingly happy. Thinking more,  I had the idea of a "lighter", less-fattening churro. Hmmmm... but how? BAKED!!! So I googled "baked churros" & found THIS, mouth watering (& entertainingly blogged) Baked Churros Munchies from My Tasty Treasures recipe. This is brilliant (& I can say so because it's not MY recipe). The base is a cream puff base. Ohhh it just gets better. Make it, you'll thank me. Just leave out the chocolate sauce. I did & it was NOT missed! The recipe says it yields 30 BUT mine only yielded 20. Not sure if I made mine too big (HOW CAN these be TOO BIG? ;) ) But I decided to make 2 batches, so I yielded 40!!!

Baked puffs, cooling, pre-cinna-sugared
Yes, this is what I made for dessert to complement Stacey's delicious fajitas! And know what? Churros remind me of wonderful times at Six Flags, Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ with... Stacey! So I think my subconscious made the choice to begin with!
All ready for sharing!
*Lishie tips- Use a non-stick sauce pan when doing the stove-top part because it will make your life so much easier! And when you dip the puffs into the HOT butter... use tongs- your fingers will thank you (unlike mine who are giving me the silent treatment.)

*Lishie facts- Churros, sometimes known as the "Spanish Donut", originated in Spain.

<3 Little love notes <3 This has become an inside joke in our house! 


  1. They were SO YUMMY! Just thinking about them makes me wish I hadn't told my hubby he could finish the last two. :(

  2. Thanks, Stacey! I'll just have to make them again soon :) I only had TWO! Not that's sad, lol...

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Nancy! They were mighty tasty!