Monday, November 14, 2011

Ella's Kitchen Giveaway Winner is...

through is... 
Jey, from The Jey of Cooking


Jey said... "My son loves these! We call them "crackpacks" around here, he goes through them so quickly!! "

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  1. Jey said...My son loves these! We call them "crackpacks" around here, he goes through them so quickly!!

  2. Rebekah said...I would probably share them with my 3 year old, CJ. But maybe not, I may save them all for me.
  3. Linda said...I would shared this with any parent that has kids. Great products
  4. ally_m146 said...

  5. Lindsay {life and kitchen} said...I would share the pouches with my daughter. She loves those things!
  6. Therese S. said...I've never heard of this brand before! Leah loves other pouched fruits though! I'm making Lorelei's food but this would be great to have on hand in case it is ever needed!
  7. The Home Cook said...I would share them with any of my friends with kids. Love these products!

  8. Nicole LaFerriere-DiNicola said...Ava loves these pouches so I would share them with her!!!
  9. Since I have no kids of my own, I would share them with my beautiful niece Evie!
  10. J said...I would share with my 8 month old son Mason. I liked delish and ellas kitchen on fb

  11. Jen said...This is the only way I get my little guy to eat veggies. He loves them and they are a perfect snack for him.

  12. Sara said...I would share the Ella's Kitchen pouches with my 9 1/2 month old daughter. She loves these things! :)

  13. starlet56 said...I would share these with my daughter and niece!
  14. Melanie said...I would share them with both my girls - both love the fruit pouches and I always keep some in the car or diaper bag too! Having a variety means we could be more adventurous in trying new flavors.

Timestamp: 2011-11-14 13:06:50 UTC

Jey, please email me at: with your name, address, etc. so I can send it along to Ella's Kitchen! They'll mail your package directly to you!!!

<3 Lishie

Now go to my Sabra's post- that giveaway ends today!