Friday, February 4, 2011

They call it puppy love...

My friend Pam Vioreanu from Crumbtious Cookies & More sent us a Valentine... gorgeous puppy & heart sugar cookies made, for real, with LOVE... Yes, folks, that IS the recipe (besides I can't give away a baker's secret now can I? You'll have to try them for yourself!) What more can a girl, her hubby & little toddler want? Nothing.

As soon as I opened the parcel, a wonderful scent... vanilla, buttery, sugary goodness wafted out... & brought my hubby into the room.

Well, not only did these confections smell wonderful, they were also beautiful, the puppies, adorable. Gabriel took to his puppy so much so that he kept staring at it, watching me nibble on my heart-shaped cookie. He slowly picked at the sugar nose & sucked his finger, eyeing my cookie. With hindsight, I shouldn't have set mine down because he snatched it up & devoured it, then went back to admiring his! My boy is just too funny!!!

Oh I LOVE this puppy!!!

Hmmm let me sneak some nose "sugar"

Yum! Now how can I eat this & keep my puppy at the SAME time?

Grab mommy's & shove it into my mouth FAST! 

Hee hee- I still have MINE! Hee hee!
Did I mention that these cookies were downright scrumptious, or "crumbtious" (PS-I had a hand in this name :) & STILL LOVE IT!!!) ?! A direct quote from the hubby, "they get better & better as you go along!" And that is amazing since the first bite was delicious! I cannot wait to order them for Gabriel's 2nd birthday!!!

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  1. Lish, This is adorable! I love your slide show of Gabriel, hilarious! The cookies look and sound great too.

  2. I just love Gabriel's expressions! He is soooo adorable! :) xoxox