Thursday, February 17, 2011

Short-cut Fish 'n Chips...

Ok, pass the tartar sauce, please! Sometimes even people who love to cook (like me) take shortcuts... when they are worn thin, tired & just need a break... So tonight was "oven baked" haddock (by way of the Gorton's fishermen, trust them!) Don't knock it- it's very tasty!) with tartar sauce (mayonnaise, diced pickle & lemon juice & S & P). I also made these Old Bay Steak Fries tonight for hubby since he LOVES (I mean loves) Old Bay Seasoning. Ummmm, but, not-so-much on his fries apparently. They were a good idea in theory. Ha! Well, you can only know if you try ;) 

they "look" yummy!
 I can't speak for their taste since I ate these with Gabriel:
Smiley, oven baked goodness :) :) :)


  1. Hmmmmm, I like the idea of Old Bay fries. :) Herr's makes a potato chip with Old Bay and they're really good. What didn't he like?

  2. At first he said there was too much O. B. then he just said he couldn't put his finger on why he didn't like them. I think he likes those chips!

    Did you know that Herr's has a factory tour?! We went to the Mushroom Fest in PA near the Herr's factory!