Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Another week's worth of lunches... Vegetarian Style

Vegetables~ They are the star of the week!

First, roast the veggies this same way but do a double batch.


Grill a large batch of veg- coat with olive oil, S & P & grill... yum!

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Just throw some water on to boil, make some pasta & mix it up with the veg! Top with some grated parmesan cheese.

~Hummus Pita
Grab a pita, some of the veg & add hummus as the condiment. Makes a great sandwich

Take your blender (counter top or Immersion), add some stock (veg or chicken) & puree the veggies into a soup. Have some crackers & cheese on the side.

~White Pizzettas
Use store bought pizza dough & a Biscuit cutter (or even English muffins) to create individual pizzas, or “pizzettas”. Top with veggies & your favorite meltable cheese. Bake in the toaster oven or the regular oven…
~with Tofu
Do a super quick stir fry with tofu & the veg! Eat with rice or noodles or alone!

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