Thursday, June 9, 2011

Garden Eats

We live in a unique area of the Garden State (NJ) that is part suburb, part city... Our Bayonne Bridge connects NJ to NYC, Bayonne to Staten Island. We have a small, cute yard. And my Father-in-Law's green thumb manages to grow fresh veggies, fruit & herbs in pots... And still have a garden for his grandson to play in & a patio for us to BBQ & eat outdoors... & Gabriel to play basketball. 

With the high temperatures this week in the Northeast,  we've been grilling all week. Tonight, my hubby grilled his wingettes then slathered them with Frank's Red Hot Buffalo sauce. We had pasta- light & perfect. But what to have as a salad or to SNACK on?! We always have fresh fruit- Gabriel gobbled his pear dessert. Well, the best snacks are the home-grown variety, what is more organic than that?!

Just take a look at these BEAUTIFUL Sugar Snap Peas 
Bright green...
Absolutely fresh & handpicked right outside. And delicious raw. There's nothing like the feeling of getting your own food just outside your door/window & cooking with it/eating it!

He's inspired me to grow herbs of my own on my kitchen windowsill. And you know what? They are growing!!! I am so excited!!! I give them <3 everyday...


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