Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Book Expo America~ NYC

Book Expo how I love thee... It is suppose to be work, shhhh... But I find it so fun! How can I not? I LOVE books!!! And Book Expo is the Trade Book Industry's EVENT. THE event. I have blogged about the Childrens book experience I had on art with an archangel... Now I will tell you about the food-type book experiences I had...


She was just there. Yes, Chef Carla Hall from Top Chef & The Chew just came by to see what was going on. She was adorable & tall. So very tall) of course I am so short at 4'10" but...) What a sweet, fun person!
Some of her friends were at BEA too- TLC's Stacy London, HGTV's Sabrina Soto, Bravo's Tim Gunn...

America's Test Kitchen.

Now... I have spoken of my love before for ATK...And my experiences at Book Expo with them :) 

The year before that I got: ATK Best Lost Recipes

This year I got:

And I am ecstatic! Cannot wait to get a chance to peruse it (I mean devour it...) And start bookmarking!!!
They truly are amazing & you cannot go wrong with their recipes.

Some other things to report:
Ok, so Rachel Ray was also there but I was not about to stand in line forever (sorry) for a book I'd probably not use (sorry) especially when she wasn't taking pictures (why? have to ask her) RR was promoting her book, The Book of Burger... And fellow blogger Bakerella was there. I got her autograph but because everything was signed by her. She makes gorgeous Cake pops & she was promoting her book, Cake Pops Holidays. 

And I got a chance to peruse/meet many fiction & other non-fiction writers. BEA is a book-lover's dream! I very much enjoyed myself indeed! <3 Lishie


  1. Ooh, will you do a blog post reviewing the ATK cookbook? I love love love them. But usually I find their recipes too inconvenient to make on a weeknight. The idea of quick recipes sounds fabulous.

  2. Sure! Or I'll review it on Goodreads & blog specific meals :)