Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ghoul~Lish~Ly FUN

October really gets the creativity flowing especially with a little one. Between the holiday & nature's bounty of autumnal produce, so much abounds to use in recipes. This post is to highlight a couple of my favorite ideas to help you prepare now for those fun costume parties & kid's birthdays. I will have more posts to come with more ideas. 

<3 Lishie

Graveyard Cake

One of my favorite, & easiest, Halloween treats is the Graveyard Cake.

Any Cake Flavor (yes, you can even use a box mix here ;) but my cake of choice is: HERSHEY'S "PERFECTLY CHOCOLATE" Chocolate Cake
Frosting~ Works best with a darker, chocolaty frosting (again, see above)
Graveyard Cake

For the "dirt"~ You can use any of the following: 
Crushed Oreos or gingersnaps, Ground Chocolate Graham Crackers, or Shaved Chocolate (take a vegetable peeler or a box grater to the chocolate)

For the "gravestones" ~ Use Any oval, round or square cookie (here I've used vienna fingers & oreos). Write on the cookies using cake frosting. After "writing" on them, insert halfway into the "dirt".

Added touch ~ Candied pumpkins & candy corn. Or....

Chocolate Molded Candy

OK, this is my greatest idea yet for all holidays. Know those wonderful, fun & CHEAP silicone ice trays that have come out everywhere? Well they double fantastically as reusable candy molds! Just get Candy melts like I used here for the Chocolate-dipped Pretzels... Melt according to the package directions. Spray the clean mold with cooking spray (only original or canola oil flavored)... & fill the compartments in the "ice" tray with the melted chocolate candy. Allow to form & harden, then pop 'em out. Yummy, um, candy skulls... or pumpkins, etc.  
Inexpensive Silicone Ice Trays
And, of course, there are always the Worm Cupcakes:
Worms in Dirt
A Gabriel, easy, baby or toddler craft


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