Monday, October 17, 2011

Thanksgiving Sandwich

A gorgeous autumn day that is cool but not too cool calls for something yummy & very Fall-like but not too winter-like. What to make? We had a busy Sunday. Began with church, then some errands, a visit to a friend, mommy-to-salon... Then we watched our town's Columbus Day Parade. After, grocery shopping with toddler in tow... & regular food prep. I truly was tuckered out & wanted to remain awake for Dexter! 

Sandwiches make a hearty, all-in-one dinner sometimes. Just make sure you have all of the components! This is a great way to have a little Thanksgiving other times of the year. And this is a great way to utilize those turkey day leftovers in November!

So... this is what we dined on:

Thanksgiving Sandwich
  • Deli, thick-cut roasted Turkey
  • Dressing (stuffing~ I cheated & used reduce-sodium Stove-top Stuffing made with chicken stock & butter)
  • Cranberry Sauce (we actually prefer the canned jellied one)
  • Fresh kaiser rolls
Stack the turkey & dressing on the roll, spread the cranberry sauce as the condiment. Enjoy!
<3 Lishie


  1. LISH! I love everything about this blog! Thanksgiving Sandwich is my favorite! I love what you wrote too. You just make me smile, thanks for this. You are the greatest. This is such a lovely Fall food idea to make. Keep 'em coming.

  2. Looks awesome! May get around to this sometime this fall. Great picture, too.

  3. It is so good!Do try it!
    THANK you! :)