Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm dreaming of... Spanish Torta

All of this winter weather, not feeling well, & lots of snow has lead me to delusions of past trips to wonderful places... one being the South of Spain. Oh how I loved visiting Andalucia, Granada, Torremolinos, Malaga, Seville, Cordoba, Toledo, Madrid... the people, the food, the Sangria, the countryside, el Prado, the beaches... & I ate Spanish torta EVERY day... loved it so much that I had to find an authentic recipe to prepare here at home. What better place to find one than a web-site called "Spain Recipes: Authentic Recipes from Spain"? I followed this recipe to a "t" (just adding some parsley @ the end for some color). I used a mandolin to slice the potatoes & it was spot-on DELISH!

I just WISH I could have drank some yummy traditional Sangria with it too, like I made in Spain on a boat. Ah, a girl can dream.


  1. This looks gorgeous and delicious! A must try!

  2. I am making one now but I have fused quiche and torta recipe to arrive somewhere worth going. I use a pie crust in a pie dish, bake it until the crust starts to brown, then add the cubed potatoes, chopped mushrooms + jalapenos, shredded Asagio + Spanish Goat Cheeses, with the egg+buttermilk+1/2&1/2....bake until the center is completed. (I use rosemary as the only herb).

    But wait, that's not all. You don't eat it like this. After it has cooled, you slice it into long 1 inch thick slabs / medallions, and saute until golden brown in olive oil, add fresh cracked pepper, red pepper, or even better Srarachi, or a spicy mayo/chipotle dipping sauce. OMG goodness at 3 o clock in the morning after a night out with friends......