Monday, January 24, 2011

Sausage & Peppers hit the spot!

What's quick, tasty & wonderful on a freezing cold Monday night? Chicken sausage & peppers... Chicken sausage, you say? These are not your ordinary, packaged, pre-cooked chicken sausage! Oh no, we go specially to the butcher (22nd Street Meat Market :) ) & get their freshly made Italian-seasoned (with fresh basil, oregano, parsley+) sweet chicken links, as well as the spicy for my hubby. These pack so much flavor, I don't have to add extra seasoning besides S&P!

This isn't really a "recipe", I mean I do it differently all of the time & add here & there spices or fresh parsley, etc. But... here goes: I heat some canola oil on medium high & brown the sausage links on both sides... Take them out of the pan & add in the sliced onions & peppers, S & P. I usually use two different types of pepper- whatever looks good. Today I used red bell peppers & sweet italian cubanelles (light green) which I love, love, love... remind me of an elderly Italian neighbor in Florida who use to hand me them from his garden (what's better than a neighborly gift of produce? Almost nothing.).  Stir the onions & peppers until cooked a bit, add a little chicken stock, stir some more, place the sausage links on top of the veg & cover. Stir occasionally & all is done when the sausages are steamed & the peppers & onions semi-soft.

My hubby loves his chicken sausage & peppers on potato rolls:

Gabriel & I love them sliced into "coins", minus the "skin" &, with the peppers & onions, topped onto rice:

Can you tell we really love peppers in this family?!


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  1. Peppers are awesome. We grow them in the summer time.