Monday, January 17, 2011

When the A&P gives you free apples... Lishie makes Apple Sauce

Lishie makes applesauce! The special of the week at my supermarket was a free 3lb. bag of Rome apples. I hadn't figured on getting any apples so what immediately came to mind was applesauce for Gabriel.

I quickly peeled, cored & sliced (using this) all of the apples, then tossed the pieces into my Versaware Crock-pot. Zested & juiced one lemon over the slices & added 1/4 c sugar & 1/4 c light brown sugar. Although Gabriel doesn't like anything too sugary (nor does he like cinnamon in his applesauce but it would be a delicious addition), these Rome apples weren't sweet enough on their own.

Well, most of the 3 lbs. went into the pot... minus maybe one... I nibbled on sugar coated slices & also made Gabriel a smoothie... 1/2 banana (because he asked for the other half when he saw it), apple pieces, oz. vanilla yogurt & 1/2 cup whole milk.

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