Saturday, January 22, 2011

Call me the Friendly Cookie Monster

Today we went out to look at some good, running shoes for the long, daily walks I take & I've chosen these Nikes  in a color not there, white, pale blue & grey... They are so comfortable & light... Anyway, on the way back we grabbed Wendy's, ha ha, a girl has to splurge & don't you love the beautiful irony of buying running shoes AND fast food in the same trip? I do! Free of cooking dinner, I set my sights on baking for a friend. I figure this certain someone needs a bit of a smile... I chose Mrs. Field's Marble Cookies because they are delicious & look like they are from the bakery.

I only changed one thing on the recipe- I switched out the sour cream for 4 0z. organic vanilla yogurt... it's healthier & I had it already. I just lessened the amount of actual vanilla extract I put into the batter. I also sifted the dry ingredients (not mentioned in the original recipe). The recipe yielded exactly 30 cookies- I used a melon baller to drop the batter.

*If you think you do not have a "double boiler", you are probably wrong ;) If you have a sauce pan (most do, especially if you have gotten them as a set) & a glass bowl that can nestle into it- there you go, a double boiler! Just make sure the water, when boiling, does not touch the bottom of the bowl. And if you still do not have these 2 items, you probably have a microwave.

*Make sure the melted chocolate is cooled before pouring it onto the raw batter (or it will "cook" the  egg ) & carefully fold it in to swirl!

*I use parchment paper... no sticking & you can shift the entire sheet of cookies on the paper to the counter off of the hot pan rather fast. Definitely take the cookies off of the hot sheets & place them on wire cooling wracks quickly so the process of baking stops.


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