Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Celebrate, Roar, Gabrielosaurs is 4! Gabriel's 4th Birthday Party!!!!

I make a huge deal of my son's birthdays. Why? He is important to me & with each year passing, each day, I love him more & more & want him to have friends & a wonderful life. I want him to celebrate life. See, my son has autism & he is non-verbal. But, autism does not have him. He's the sweetest, happiest child I've ever seen & he is social. He seems to run on the peripheral of everything, watching in & feeling part of it all at the same time. He enjoys other's happiness. And how much more to make him happy than to throw a fun-filled party?!

This year, I dubbed, the Year of the Dinosaur. 

And rightly so. Everything has been dinos with us- Valentine's, Easter eggs, etc. And Gabriel seems to love them! We are even redoing his baby boy dino room into a big boy dino room! 

So for his party, I made the little ones dinosaurs themselves. I ordered masks then hand made foam dino feet to match the masks. They even had name tags:  "_____OSAURUS" They had to ROAR to get them ;) And they kept on roaring all through the party... to the dig/scavenger hunt at "the excavation site" (a tub of orange sand filled with tiny plastic dinos) The kids had a checkoff list paper of the 4 kinds of dinosaurs they could "hunt" & collect in their plastic baggy... to take to create air dry clay "fossils" by stamping either the "hunted" dinos they found or some of the other objects on the table (including plastic centipedes, bats, etc.) Then onto coloring personalized GABRIELOSAURUS dino pages & crafting w/ dino stickers on constuction paper. A huge T-Rex was awaiting them (DinoSAWus!!!) for pictures... And besides pizza, they had all sorts of dino-themed foods to snack on... Carnivores (pepperoni pizza), Omnivores, Herbivores & Snackivores!!! The favor- a big plastic dinosaur to adopt & take home! A Roaring good time!!!
Click HERE for recipe!
Welcome Wreath
Dessert table- Carnivores, Omnivores, Herbivores & Snackivores!!!
Prehistoric Punch!
(Click HERE for recipe)
Lava Cakelets
Click HERE for recipe!
Excavate the dino from the Jell-O (Pluots are dinosaur fruit)
Click HERE for recipe.
Fossilized Cookies
Click HERE for recipe.
Snack Quarry (Click HERE for recipe)complete with shovel to dig out, Boulder Blocks (Click HERE for recipe) & Triceratops "Party Horns"
Celebrate, Roar, GABRIELOSAURUS is 4!!!! Cute pinata we didn't bash ;)

Dinosaur Gear
Masks & Handmade feet!
Excavation Site
Checkoff list paper of the 4 kinds of dinosaurs they could "hunt"
Excavating fun!

Crafting table
Personalized GABRIELOSAURUS coloring pages & crafting w/ dino stickers on constuction paper
Some finished clay Fossils
Uh oh!!!! Big T-Rex Dino SAW us!!!!

Dinos get presents too!
The favor- a big plastic dinosaur to adopt & take home!

Us with the birthday-saur
More beautiful SIGNAGE by The Doodle Jar/Jar of Designs
Follow the prints to... the party!

 And this is how he celebrated on the actual day at school:

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I <3 my Gabrielosaurus!
<3 Lishie

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