Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bee Cupcakes

My son had the most wonderful experience for two months of Saturdays... An ice skating class managed by high school juniors & seniors at the local high school. The school's mascot is the Fighting Bee so for the ice skating end party, I only thought it appropriate to make bee cupcakes! They came out pretty cute I think!

Bee Cupcakes
1 Chocolate Cupcake recipe
1 Chocolate Frosting recipe
cupcake liners

yellow icing
candy eyes
Nilla Wafers, halved
yellow sugar crystals

Pipe alternating yellow/chocolate/yellow/chocolate lines for the stripes.
Pipe two "dots" of chocolate to affix the candy eyes.
Stick the two halves of one Nilla Wafer cookie for the "wings".

For some alternate cupcakes, simply frost with chocolate & dip into yellow sugar cystals.

For more fun, I printed these ice skating bee stock pictures (google image search) on labels & then affixed them to toothpicks to add to the yellow crystal cupcakes <3.

<3 Lishie