Monday, July 1, 2013

Hershey Giveaway

Hershey was so much fun. "The Sweetest Place On Earth" indeed. I cannot express the fun that can be had especially with a willing & wonderful four year old. I don't want to mention that this four year old won't eat chocolate but... there's everything else at Hershey too. The people are sweet, kind & caring. There's the Park, the ZooAmerica, the Lodge, the Gardens... the other food. And it is so good. Well, our little four year old skipped happily to each ride. What memories we made.

Which leads me to past memories... my hubby proposed to me in Mrs. Hershey's Rose Garden by the fountain. The Gardens are gorgeous, calm & huge... It was extremely romantic. And we shared the Gardens with our son again... This is my favorite picture from the trip- Gabriel holding the little girl statue's hand in the Children's Garden:
We stayed at the Hershey Lodge & we visited Hershey's Chocolate World & Hershey Park / ZooAmerica & Hershey Gardens. We ate very little chocolate (that's usually what happens) but the savory food is delish as well. We had delicious paninis, pulled pork sliders (infused with chocolate), homemade chips & fries... And I had the best caesar salads! The bagels were bakery fresh & the milk is just delicious. Chocolate milk every morning.

I wanted to share a little of Hershey with my readers & Gabriel helped choose this GIVEAWAY (he got a blue bear too!):

~A Hershey Kisses Bear w/ a large chocolate Hershey Kiss
12oz miniature assortment FRESH from the Factory...
Reese's/Kisses/Krackel/Hershey's Dark/Mr. Goodbar/Hershey Milk Chocolate
~A postcard "With Love, DeLish DeMaria"

PRIZE Totals about $20.00.
If you have never had Hershey's FRESH from the Factory, OMGoodnes, it is so DELISH!! Truly there's a difference. That first bite you can tell.
Prize is open to DeLish fans in the Continental United States. Please COMMENT below that you shared & maybe state your favorite Hershey item!!!
Those who shared yesterday will have an extra entry :)
Hershey did not put me up to this- I willingly want to share :)!!!Just enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below, which ends on Friday July 5th at 12AM!
Sweet entering!!!

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  1. This is really great, Elisha! My favorite Hershey chocolate is Reese's. Yummy! Thanks! :)

  2. I shared :) My favorite is the Special Dark :) Actually now that I think about it, it's my whole houses favorite, lol.

  3. Off to share this awesome giveaway from the sweetest place on earth and from a sweet Lishie (thank you)!!! We LOVE Reeses in this house!!! :-)

  4. Off to share this awesome giveaway from the sweetest place on earth and from a sweet Lishie (thank you)!!! We LOVE Reeses in this house!!! :-)

  5. Shared, liked, & LOVE!

    Sounds like a fabulous trip ;)

  6. I shared!!! Thanks so much for picking a great prize Gabriel!

  7. I shared on pintest and will share on FB later. My Favorite are kisses

  8. shared on fb! My favorite is reese's pb cups -- but especially the pb eggs!

  9. I pinned and shared on FB!!

  10. Repinned and shared! Now I'm craving chocolate like crazy!!

  11. Repinned and shared! My favorite would be Reese's PB cups!

  12. Thanks for the giveaway! I love that picture. With their hats they look similar. Too cute. I love dark chocolate and actually really like Mr Goodbars but only ever eat them when I get the bag of minis. Ooo and yeah, Reese's. Love me some peanut butter anything.

  13. Pinned and my favorite are Reeses.