Friday, March 22, 2013

Weekly Menu Planning & Grocery List

Saturday mornings are for napping.
This post is meant to help you with your menu planning. I sure hope it does. Being a busy, working-outside-the home, commuting mom of a pre-schooler is tough. And I need all the assistance I can get. My sanity is in planning & staying organized. 

My friend Sarah at Early Bird Mom wrote a great guest article for Money Saving Mom on the subject. I do many of her tips & thought I'd share my family's planning method for you all.

My hubby & I shop together on Saturdays every week. We try to go at the same time, keep routine. I know this isn't something that everyone can do & I surely do not take for granted my hubby's help!!

So, Saturday morning, before ice skating lessons for my little one (or whatever is on schedule), I grab 3 things- 1) pad/pen, 2) supermarket flier, 3) my coups. Organization is key!!! I actually keep my coupons in a zippered pencil case along with a little pad & pen- it helps a lot.

CREATE a list.

Firstly, I see what we NEED. Toilet paper? Soap? Personal things/Deodorant? Check.

Secondly, I write all of the things we ALWAYS need. Milk-CHECK, bananas, CHECK, etc.

But here's the kicker to my list- I organize my list by aisle... Yes. We start in produce first so... Bananas, peppers, onions, apples, parsley, potatoes... gets written first. Then along from there... Specialties refrigerator bins come next- Pancetta, hummus, fresh pasta. Cereal aisle next... And so on. Makes shopping so much easier! Really, truly, it does!

KNOW your pantry.

Thirdly, I see what we have that may spark ideas for the next meal.
Opening cupboard... Hmmm canned water chestnuts? Stir Fry!!!
What else do I need for the meal? Need to get chicken, sugar snap peas, etc. *Make sure I have reduced sodium soy sauce! And Chinese 5 spice!
***That is one night down. Friday, we always have pizza with my in-laws. Two nights down!*** Write down the days & list after them the meals:
Opening freezer... Ohhh ravioli?! Need to get some fresh basil for sauce.
***Three nights down! but wait, this idea leads to four- make a big 'ol pot of pasta & meatballs for Sunday. Which leads to a forth... Leftover meatball subs***

READ/get store weekly fliers!

Fourth, open weekly circular flier & see if anything is on sale that your family loves.
Flier reads- Fresh Flounder on sale! Added. Need- Zucchini & squash

UTILIZE your purchases twice.

Fifth, See if you can re-purpose extra veg side into another dinner.
Zucchini & squash for the fish? Well, make garden pasta sautéing the zucchini & squash with onion & garlic & herbs.

This is the end result:
Saturday- Stir Fry
Sunday- Fresh sauce& meatballs & pasta
Monday- Flounder w/ julienned veg
Tuesday- Ravioli
Leftover meatball subs
Thursday- G
arden pasta Friday- Pizza

I hope this helps some of you with your planning!
Have any tips to add?!

<3 Lishie


  1. "I organize my list by aisle" - Yes! I do this too (when I have the time). This helps me not forget stuff. How sweet that you and your hubby shop together!

    1. Thank you! He's a keeper <3
      Our supermarket just rearranged their entire store- so my mind is working overtime to memorize it!